al jadid

Al Jadid is a cultural journal of contemporary Arab arts. the magazine has been operating for over 20 years. I started working with Elie, the editor-in-chief, many years ago, as an editorial intern.

The site is built on Drupal. I inherited a Drupal 6 site that recently required upgrading to D7, as the host was upgrading its PHP version. This required that I prepare and execute not only the migration of the site to a new Drupal major version, but also install and configure a new theme, as the previous theme wasn’t D7 compatible.

Drupal is great for this site, as it has allows us to use different layout options for different content types.  I also updated the ecommerce system (Ubercart) for subscriptions to both the print and digital editions of the magazine. This included integration with a new Paypal Merchant account to enable credit card payments directly on the site.

Al Jadid is a long-term client, and I am preparing to move the site to Drupal 8. The process of working with Al Jadid has opened me to Drupal development and its possibilities and I now offer it as a service to potential clients.

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