cattlemen for tax reform

When you get a client that is both engaged with the process of design and development, but also very trusting and respecting of your professional expertise, it results in not only a delightful experience, but usually a fine finished product.

When I first discussed the project with the “Beef People,” as I came to call them, the first thing that came to mind was “tell a story.” As advocates for certain public policies, the details of legislation – the wonk stuff – isn’t enough. You need to connect. The Beef people understood this, and had plenty of great content. My job was to put it together in a way that drove the message home.

First was to put their video content front and center. I arranged the videos on the home page in a kind of “toggled” grid that would place every other video in the opposite grid pattern and color. All they had to do on the back end was link the video and add the blurb and the template and CSS would handle the rest.

They also wanted a map that they could use to display state by state information. I purchased an amazing SVG plugin that took care of the heavy lifting, and let us focus on content creation.

Finally, we added testimonial sliders to both the front page and all to all issue pages. This was a great way to connect quotes from interviews with folks that these issues directly affect. Again, leveraging exiting tools meant we saved time and money and still got the task completed.

Because this organization has a public presence, the campaign was covered by US News. Though the article isn’t fond of their policies, they did say the site was slick and professional.

Since the Beef People are in DC, I arranged to go into their office and train them on WordPress. This was a wonderful experience and i think helped solidify a great working relationship with this client.

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