kensington glass

I have a friend who is a Drupal developer for a large company who also does freelance work on the side. His client had a WordPress site that sat in a combined state of incomplete and badly designed. Daniel called me up and asked if I could jump in quickly and help out.

Working on a tight budget, we knew it would be important to improve the site but be efficient, and set the “slick” bar just high enough. Starting from a bootstrap theme, I added some contemporary touches to the site that evoked current layout and design ideas, but didn’t go so far as to break the bank or reinvent the wheel.

One great thing that Kensington had going for them was large, high quality images. I employed these on each page to add a large, banner-like splash to all major sections of the site. In addition, child pages were previously being displayed as a list on a sidebar of parent pages. Since we had the nice images, I decided we would do away with the sidebar where we could, and instead, display the child pages with their featured images as a grid. All that was needed was a custom query to loop child page content, and a template to display child page name and featured image in a flex grid.

I also selected some popular Google fonts in place of the previously used system fonts to add some typographical flavor.  Sans serif fonts definitely matched the overall tone of the product and images.

The site is currently sitting on a Pantheon development instance, awaiting deployment to production environment. looking forward to getting feedback when it hits the public.

Check out Kensignton’s site!