One day, my cousin recommended I reach out to Kylesa, one of our favorite metal bands. He had tried to buy a t-shirt from their site and apparently didn’t have any luck. I thought it was a long shot, but nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

After a few facebook messenger exchanges, Kylesa’s Laura Pleasants and I came to an agreement.

As is common these days, “modern and slick” came up more than once. I wanted to try and break the mold just a bit and suggested using something like a single page layout. While there would be internal pages, much of the site content would be available on the home page.

The main navigation menu uses JQeury to scroll to locations within the index page. On the WordPress side, this was achieved by creating templates for each “section” and then calling them at various points in the index.php file.

Fonts were taken from their most recent album, the release of which coincided with the launch of the new website. the site colors, images, and typefaces were all built to reflect the new record, but also were kept minimal enough to adapt to new future artwork.

Though Kylesa’s merchandise is available through different online merchants, they wanted to be able to sell their stuff directly to their fans. I used the WooCommerce plugin to create an online store. In addition to building out views for the different products, I configured shipping zones so that customers foreign and domestic could purchase merch.

Laura and I also worked together to make sure that she understood how to use the WordPress admin to add and edit products in the store, check on orders, and post news items to the blog;.

Check it out at