marit wilkerson

Marit Wilkerson is a research scientist and advocate for sustainable development. She wanted to update the design of her website in order to create a fresh digital space to showcase her research and leadership work.

Mostly, we wanted to update the site. The previous iteration looked dated. I created a design that made use of bolder headlines and typefaces, banner images and full browser width design. Marit had a few images that were of optimal size and quality, I opted for one that featured a lot of green to go with the conservation theme.

I think the coolest part of the site is the “Focal Areas” page. Here, I used some open-source icons to create a grid for the focal area child pages. This design approach gave the site a contemporary look and remained easy to implement and change.

Marit was traveling across the country in the middle of this project. That added a layer of challenge in terms of communication. The solution to long breaks in between discussions is to document everything, make sure you and the client are on the same page, but also to remain flexible and let the client change their mind.

Marit expressed confidence with handling her own content, as long as she had good instructions. I prepared detailed “user documentation” for all aspects of her WordPress site, including features I built in so that she could change some of the colors on her site should she decide she wanted a different look.

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