mike madden

Mike Madden. Criminal Defense Attorney by day, writer of gritty crime fiction by night. I was honored that Mike asked me to do his website. I knew it would be a fun one.

i went with a pretty standard design approach. Mike wanted to use the site to showcase other authors, as well as his own stuff. I looked for examples of literary websites for inspiration. I also looked for old Noir movie posters. What I found were bold blocks of colors, high contrast, bold fonts like you would find on the cover of a Pulp crime novel.

I used a “tiled” or grid approach for the stories themselves, both for teasers and the full posts.  I thought that with long texts, it would be easy for a user to look away, so having the content “bound” in a tile seemed to be a way to retain user focus.

Though I do it as standard practice, it was really important to pay attention to mobile for this one. Mike and I agreed that we wanted a site that people could peruse while on the bus or Metro.

Mike and I developed some other plans for the site, but unfortunately, life got in the way of some of the more ambitious plans. Nonetheless, this was one of my favorite projects and it was a lot of fun to work on.

Check it out at mikemaddenauthor.com