retro futurist

Retro Futurist Records is an independent record label out of Savannah, Georgia. Formed by members of the band Kylesa, it showcases metal and post-metal bands from around the country.

When I redesigned Kylesa’s website, they asked if I could also make some changes to Retro Futurist. This was actually a pretty straightforward gig. Everything was already in place, including WooCommerce, the main purpose of the site.

i created a child theme based on the existing framework and simply updated the design to give it a bit of a grittier, modern and sparse look. Much was based on Laura Pleasant’s logo and banner design.

Some of the elements of the site were outdated, so I cut those out to attempt to streamline the experience and focus entirely on browsing products and buying them. I also made sure that the responsive elements were optimized to look and play well on mobile devices.

Check it out at