the pinch

The Pinch is a popular neighborhood dive in DC’s Columbia Heights. Once, when eating a plate of their delicious wings, the owner, Dan, asked if I could redo their website. I was really excited about it because not only did I love the place and the owners, but since it’s local, it would give me a chance to take some nice photographs to use for the website.

I decided on a single-page layout using WordPress. I built the theme from scratch and used template parts called in different parts of the index.php file to pull up content. the navigation menu uses JQuery to scroll to section anchors throughout the site.

For the staff at the Pinch, the most important thing was to able to make changes to menu items. though the food menu doesn’t change often, they might occasionally have specials they wanted to add, or make changes to the beer list. I used custom post types so that there are clear areas where this content could be managed in the back-end. With a little training, the Pinch staff was able to manage their own food and beer menus.

The colors and typefaces used on the site reflect the interior colors of the actual bar and their print menus. I took pictures of interiors and food items – as well as a rock performance – to add some large, bold images to the site.

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