Rachael Bohlander is a friend and painter based in DC. I was excited when she asked me to re-do her website. Not only did it give me a chance to help a friend out with a great project, I knew that it had the potential to be a really beautiful product.

High quality images make such a difference in web design. So many times, what users think is “a nice website” is almost entirely a function of high quality images. In the case of Rachael’s site, her paintings are beautiful and she had high-quality images of them for me to use.

The basic idea was to keep the site pretty minimal. I wanted to let her art do the talking. I also wanted to make sure that the site had some personality, which meant using a simple but colorful palette and expressive typefaces. other than that, I thought of the site as being a wrapper around her paintings (and a way to contact her).

Rachael’s previous site wasn’t mobile responsive, so that was one thing to resolve. In addition, I spend some time in Rachel’s studio at her computer to train her how to use the WordPress admin so that she could handle all content by herself.

Check it out at